• Welcome

    Welcome to JR-Cables

    Welcome to the site of JR Cables. We have built our web-site to give you

    a general impression of who we are and of what we can do. This is without the agony

    of loosing your goals while searching for support and information.

    Our web-site is also a tool to make the support that you are generally looking for

    easier. Take a minute to look into our site and get to know us…

  • Who Are We

    We are a small yet dedicated and enthusiastic group of cable professionals located in

    The Netherlands and love to build clean, unique and usable Cable and Cable assemblies.

    Our main focus is helping people, and taking pride in giving our clients an effective and

    high-quality product. Whether you need a brief connection in your electrical generation,

    a custom network designed cable, or anything in between, we're here to support you.

  • Achievement

    This is how we do it

    We believe that quality design, hard work, and good communication are

    the keys to solving your business needs:

    • Communicate and Understand
    • Discover and Plan
    • Organize and Design
    • Deploy and Learn
    • Nurture and Measure
    • Deliver and cherish
    • Having fun in the process
  • Cables

    Believing in the product we support

    Since the last four to ten years we have been working in the cable

    industry, and gained profound knowledge of the products we

    are providing, in order to support you with the best services.

    We can sell you any cable possible but we rather make the cable

    you require.

  • Production

    Design and construct cables

    Working closely with a design team and a factory gives us the ability

    to make a custom made cable and have it produced and deliver in

    relatively short production time.

  • Assembly

    As an additional service and support we make Low and Medium Voltage assemblies for

    electrical equipment and industrial installations. These assemblies can be checked,

    certified and re-assembled after severe usage by our professional team.

    All equipment used are frequently calibrated.

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